6 Christmas Photography Tips

Christmas Photography

Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya.com

December sure is the one of the year’s most photogenic months, right? With all the Christmas lights and colorful gifts, the family reunions, and the sumptuous Christmas delicacies, you sure would run out of memory space, even when you’re just using a smartphone. Here are 8 Christmas photography tips that you could follow:

1. Start indoors
Even when they’re almost in every Christmas picture, the inside of your home teeming with bright lights and colorful ornaments could be one of the bests that you could capture during the holidays. Because it’s common, you’ll need to find a way to capture it differently. Try shooting extreme close ups, or maybe attach those string lights into things found inside your house. You could also try  bokeh, where the lights out of focus.

Christmas Photography

2. Catch actions
Some moments during the holidays are worth remembering, but sometimes, the photos get blurred because it happened all too fast. When capturing action, shoot in burst or continuous mode. Some activities which you should never miss are: setting up the Christmas tree, opening gifts, family members chatting, and even food preparation.

3. Gather the clan
Christmas photography will never be complete without group photos. These are usually taken before the dinner on the 24th, when family members are wearing their best dresses and when they are all complete (if possible). Use a tripod so that nobody would be missing out, especially when you’re a small family.

4. Discover new places
When your family’s out of town for the holidays, it sure would be a nicer place to take photos because most tourist spots are fully decorated. Be sure not to take only one shot per scenery because in photography, numerous shots would mean more shots to experiment with and to choose from. Christmas photography is also best done when in commercial or public places, so take the advantage.

Christmas Photography

5. Use props
The internet will never run out of do-it-yourself ideas which you could do, even with inexpensive materials found at home. For the kids, you could make reindeer headbands and then Santa hats for the adults. Themed photo shoots would be something unique compared with your past family photos. You could even put up backdrops for a photo booth, which could also be a great idea for Christmas photography.

6. Take “before and after” shots
This one is an exciting idea because you’ll get to see how things have worked during the weeks, days or even hours which passed by. It would look better if you would position of the camera so that the backgrounds would be the same for both shots. It’ll be your creative shots as to what happened during your party or reunion.

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