5 Ways to Discover Your Photography Niche

By Ana Margarita Olar  |  Fotograpiya.com |

Do you want to turn your passion for photography to turn into a profitable business? Here are the practical things that you can do to help you decide which photography niche to start:

Do your research

If you wanted to have a profitable business, you should start by doing a research. One of the simple rules to be great in anything is to read the top five best books and follow the top five people about your market. If you’re on a budget, you might also want to attend seminars and training too.

Ask people who are already successful in a photography business. They usually have websites and contact information online where you can reach them. This will help you to skip starter’s mistakes.



Offer your services to a friend for free. Shoot for a family’s reunion or birthday parties. Volunteer to capture events or whatever it is that you like. Reach out for groups where you can offer your services for free. This way, you can expand your network and increase your confidence too. The experiences that you can gain from free services will help you test your strength and can give you clarity in choosing your niche.

Be ready to get out of your comfort zone

Sure, you have your own passion. You already decided on what you like. But, if you want a serious business; you should learn how to get out of your comfort zone. This separates a hobbyist from a photographer who wanted to make the business’ cash flow alive. You have to be ready to take chances. There are times that you will have to do things even if you don’t feel like doing them. There’s a saying: “Anything worth having is worth working.” Keep this in mind as you explore this field.

List and test your market

Photography comes in many ways. Once you have your research, you can easily list and test your market.

Here are some of the more specialized markets for photographers: weddings, portraits, landscapes, photojournalism, music / concert, fashion shows, children / babies, events, motorsports, extreme sports, animals, and more.

To test the market, you can begin with asking your market directly or indirectly. You can chat or call your networks, directly ask if they would need your services. Indirectly, you can join forums to seek answers.

You can relate what you read with your volunteer experiences to help you decide the niche to focus with.

Finally, take a leap

Once you tested your market, you are now ready to earn your first income from your business.  You can only see it clearer once you applied it. Armed with what you researched and what you learned by offering your services for free; you can market your services easier. Choose a market and just do it.