5 Ways to Ace Travel Photography

via CreativeBloq

Summer is fast approaching. This also means the start of your “Summer To-Do List” and “Vacation Bucket List.” Soon, you’ll start planning and packing for this summer vacation. Of course, you wouldn’t forget your trusted camera or smartphone to capture your memories and share it to the world through your social media. But how can you make your photos worth posting? According to co-founder of The Photographic Journal Dan Rubin, creating compelling photos and stories across your pictures would make your travel photography stand out. Here are ways to ace your #TravelPhotography:

  1. Height Matters. Go to an elevated place. In the city, it is usually rooftops and fire exits. When dealing with mother nature, you can capture the moment on the peak of a mountain, or at the edge of a cliff. In this way, you can not only capture the grandeur of the place but also gives depth and perspective to the photo.
  1. Wrong Turn is Right. Wouldn’t it look cliché if your photos would be the same as others? Try going to places that tourist don’t usually go. A street corner, or an alley can contribute to a good photo. Pay attention to details that most people will overlook. 
  1. Hold It High. Hold your smartphones or camera high to get another perspective of the hustle and bustle of the city life, or the quietness of a small town or the province. Remember that perspective changes between rural and urban communities. These sort of shots can convey differences from places to places.
  1. Life in Photos. Your photos tell a story. Depicting life into your photos is as much as giving it breath. Try capturing signs of life such as local people commuting, street foods, laundry hanging outside. Give your photo the freedom to touch its viewers while making them feel the moment. Focus on the small things that are not easily noticed but are remarkably beautiful when captured. 
  1. Make a Masterpiece. Challenge yourself by capturing quality photos. Make these photos like those of a postcard ready to be sent. Incorporate a little bit of your personal life to these pictures – like including your travel buddy on photos, capturing a busy crowd. Give a bit of your touch in each photos.