5 Uncomfortable Truths About Street Photography

street photography

By: Ana Margarita Olar| Fotograpiya.com

Street photography is a genre that has fascinated many from professional photographer to a plain hobbyist. And although they seem quite confident with what they are doing, here are some uncomfortable truths about street photography:


Capturing people candidly or naturally as they go along with their life is very challenging. Yes, it is fascinating to shoot for natural or man-made landscapes and skyscrapers but a photograph of people is fascinating as well.

In street photography, there is that certain level of discomfort especially when people become aware that you are taking photos of them. There is always that second thought of “hold on, should I ask for permission, or not?” Here’s what other photographers say about asking for permission.


Some may think that people who engage in street photography are just like heartless zombies who walk around with their silly cameras while shooting mindlessly at innocent people. Yep, it’s a harsh reality.

But, you have to know that street photographers have this burning passion when it comes to what they do. There is always that degree of awkwardness afterward if people react negatively when their pictures are taken.


A street photographer who carries a DSLR camera with huge lenses can really draw attention to himself. Most street photographers are aware of that.

So instead of bringing that kind of camera, (which could help them take good photos), they opt for point and shoot cameras, which are not an attention seeker, for the comfort of people around them.

It’s really a compromise for them to choose point and shoot rather than a DSLR.

Street Photography


Being on unfamiliar streets, or being a foreigner to a certain country without knowing someone is really uncomfortable. But all of that sacrifice just to take great pictures. And capturing that perfect shot is worth all the risks and being away from the comfort zone. Here are some ways to keep safe while on the streets.


Every street photographer would finally realize this truth. When you choose to love street photography, there is a degree of being uncomfortable in every aspect.

There are discomforts with your subjects, your gears, and your safety. But because you love what you are doing, this discomfort becomes your comfort zone.

Finally, whether you are a newbie, an enthusiast, a hobbyist, or a pro, you should always keep in mind that what you are doing is significant. What you are capturing will be a part of history, creates ideas, and fostering art.

Your photographs will have historical value in the future. Have fun with it. you like people, and you love street photography.