By: Ana Margarita Olar|

Here’s how you can make landscape photography even better:

Landscape Tip No. 1: Take note of the magic hour

The quality of light is important to create magnificent landscape photos. Improper lighting can make your shot lack the necessary element. As a tip, the best time to shoot is early in the morning or late afternoon. These times of the day are called the “magic hours”. It is when the sun gives lesser contrast and gives photographers the color palette mood.

Landscape Tip No. 2: The Rule of Thirds

If you’re a newbie and don’t know where to start, use the rule of thirds. To use this technique, simply divide the frame into imaginary three parts, both vertical and horizontal. Then, focus your lens on the points at which the lines intersect.

Landscape Tip No. 3: Research and Get out

Adventure and curiosity are the mothers of all discoveries. If you want to be a great landscape photographer, you need to get out more often. Use the internet to look for best photo locations. If you are travelling outside the town, it is best to ask the locals for tips too. Walk around instead of riding vehicle.

This will give you the edge to discover beautiful landscapes.

landscape (1)

Landscape Tip No. 4: Man and landscape

Landscape photography isn’t about always nature’s scene. If you have a keen eye, you can take pictures of less glamorous but picture worthy landscapes. Examples are wastelands and mountain after illegal logging. These are the chance where photographers can use their lenses to bring about awareness of the world.

Landscape Tip No. 5: Use Slow exposures

Create a smooth and milky appearance of the sea or the sky by using the slow exposure. Exposures can last for only a few seconds. To help you out, you can use a tripod and your camera’s self-timer.