5 Things Newbies Need To Know About Photography


Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya.com

Upon Google-ing the word photography, thousands of results would surely appear. From how-to’s to simple hacks, and even budget guides, Google has compiled everything for photographers.. All these things are to be learned especially when you’re a newbie, but what should you really learn first? It’s like entering a supermarket without a grocery list, right? Before studying how the aperture and ISO works, here are the basic and general things that you need to know about photography:

Photography is not easy

This is not to scare or discourage you, but there will be times that as a beginner, you would feel frustrated about not getting the perfect shot just as how others easily did it. With all the different kinds of cameras, accessories, settings, buttons and all, it will not be a one-day process. There will be a lot to learn, but if you put your heart in it, it will just seem like eating a piece of cake.

Photography is costly

Most digital cameras today are almost too affordable even when you don’t need it. But for some who would like to pursue a business or their passion, what they would like to have may be too expensive, with all the gears and accessories needed. As more high-tech and innovative cameras are being invented, the prices go up too.

Photography is not social-media basedbut sometimes, it is

The likes and loves could make or break your confidence, so it’s up to you on how you would receive other’s compliments or bashes on your shots. There would be some who would just like to comment about your photo without them even knowing half of what you know, and there will be some who would teach you a better way of shooting your newly posted portrait. Social media could be best used if you would like to grow your network, and not just to receive different kinds of comments which may or may not help you grow, so it is up to you on how you would deal with it.

Photography does not always rely on gears

If you think that the best photographers that you know achieve their best shots only because they use costly cameras and numerous equipment, you are wrong. of course, they help, but without the photographer himself using his creativity and imagination, a good photo would not be produced. Also, even when you do not have lighting gears or other accessories but you’re just right there at the perfect location, it could do the trick.

Photography includes post-processing

It’s not just about apertures, long exposure and light painting, because using software such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and DXO is something that you should learn, too. If you shoot in RAW, it will be necessary for you to edit your photos, but if you shoot using a camera with all the gears, accessories and filters, you may not need to edit your shots extensively. Even when you don’t have someone to teach you, tutorials are always available online.

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