5 Success Lessons Every Amateur Photographer Must Learn

By Ana Margarita A. Olar | Fotograpiya.com |

You love photography but can’t seem to take the best shot? Here are some success lessons you must learn as an amateur photographer:

Tip # 1: Always keep your camera with you

An unexpected scene or a breath-taking scenery comes when you don’t expect it. So if you want to catch that perfect combination of moment, angle and lighting, be always ready with your camera. If you are on a journey and you suddenly saw a panoramic view, you can use your cell phone to take a shot and then go back to that place with your camera.

Tip # 2: Have a list of subjects that you like to capture

Being an amateur photographer, it is important to know that your list must not only contain the subject. It must also bear the details of the photo you want to shoot such as the angle, the shadow effects, the time of the day (sunset or sunrise), and the background.


Tip # 3: Practice Makes Photo-Perfect: Take photos regularly

Try to take a shot of something every day. Success starts from every single photo that you shoot. As an amateur photographer, you can begin by shooting pictures of anything under the sun. If that becomes boring, then you can try to have a specific subject every week to motivate you. Don’t be hesitant to click that camera Just shoot! The more you take a picture, the more confident you become and the higher the chance that you’ll become successful.

Tip # 4: Stop buying crazy photography add-ons

Photography add-ons really do add spice to your photos, but it’s not the core of being a successful photographer. It’s the subject itself and the perfect combination of place, colors, effects of natural environment lighting that makes a good picture. Use a simple camera to practice, attend seminars and training so as to enhance your knowledge about the camera which has the best value for money and when it is the right time to upgrade.

Tip # 5: Learn the Basics

There are numerous articles about photography that you can learn especially online. Be sure to start with the basics and learn from a professional’s errors and advice.

Here are some basic photography tips from successful photographers who are generous enough to share them:

    1. Keep the camera close to you and maintain maximum stability. Most amateur photographers put some distance between their eyes and the camera resulting in unstable hand and blurred images.
    2. Use the timer to have added seconds to regain stability after a previous shot.
    3. Use flash even during the day especially when shooting against a very bright light.
    4. Need a close up photo? Try not to use that camera zoom (although it is a great feature, it reduces the photo quality). Why not move in a little closer to your subject?
    5. Move around to get different angles. Don’t be stuck at a single position. Try experimenting until you got the right combination.

Photography is indeed a very dynamic hobby. It has rules, but one need not to be strictly stuck up with those rules. Start with the success lessons above. The best shots ever taken is that one from a photographer who is enjoying what he’s doing, compassionate, and open to new techniques.