5 Simple Tips When Buying Used DLSR Camera

By Ana Margarita Olar| Fotograpiya.com

Are you thinking of buying a second-hand DLSR instead of owning brand new?

Here are the tips on how you can spot a good deal DLSR camera:

From whom are you going to buy?

The first and the most important question you should ask is the credibility of the owner. Do you know the owner personally? Or, are you buying from a trusted source? Since you are buying a pre-owned camera, there can be potential damages that you may not know. Some owners really don’t reveal it just to sell their camera. So, having the contact number, address, and other contact information of the seller is a must.

Do your research first

The internet is a great friend that can give you lots of information about the camera. So, before you get excited on how low the price can be, you should do your readings first. Join and ask forums of photographers. Check the camera model, original price, and specifications.

Bring an expert with you

If you think that you need more guidance in buying a pre-used camera, you can ask for help. Bring friends who know something about the camera. If not, you can still bring somebody to guard you in case you feel too excited to buy at once.

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Holding the camera will give you a clue on how old and used the camera was. Any imperfections must get equal with the asking price. It also pays to check for:

Dents and Scratches– Small scratches will not affect the camera’s performance. It normally happens. However, large scratches or dents indicate that the camera was dropped and mishandled. Strong shock can damage internal parts too.

Buttons and Ports- Also check the buttons and ports. Loose or faded buttons can signal that the camera is already too old. Over-used camera’s do also have faded and loose USB and cable ports. Check for this areas too.

Over All Condition– You don’t want a camera that will fall apart only after a month of use. So as you held the camera, feel if it is still intact.

Be Safe

Meet the seller during day time. Do not pay upfront. Signing in the paper will also protect you in case you need to return the camera.
Buying used camera is a great saving for you if you knew how to find the best deal.