5 Simple Tips to Makeover Bad Image

By: Ana Margarita Olar| Fotograpiya.com

Because of digital cameras, many people are now able to take their own photo but sometimes a bad image is just a waste of space. Here are some tips to keep in mind in avoiding or retouching a bad image:

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Consider Lighting.

Take notice of the source of light and its strength and direction when taking your photos. For outdoor photography, don’t shoot “against the light” to avoid a bad image. If you are trying to capture a beautiful landmark or a monument and you can’t adjust your position, you can manually activate the flash to fill in the shadows.

Keep an eye on your white balance.

Basically, a camera will try to automatically set the white balance depending on the type of light when you are taking a photo. In most cases, the camera will detect the type of light which you are shooting at and adjust to it.

Having an incorrect white balance can result in a bad image. But if you are shooting with mixed type and source of light, the camera will have a hard time adjusting automatically so you have to set it manually. You can also edit the color of a bad image in iPhoto or Picasa but you can get the great image if you have a correct white balance in the first place.

Choose the right mode.

Digital cameras offer a selection of shooting modes from fully automatic to specific scene modes. If you are shooting quick subjects such as birds or wild animals, use the shortest speed as possible to freeze the motion.

In places where there is low lighting, use the Aperture priority mode to ensure that enough light is entering the lens. Point and shoot cameras offer specific settings for different scenes such as portrait, landscapes, sunset, sports, and many others.

Use the flash sensibly.

A number of captured moments have been ruined by a flash firing too close to the subject or reflecting back from a mirror or shiny object. This is mostly because you are too close to the subject when using the flash.

If you have to activate the flash, step back a bit and zoom a little to get the proper framing. Many cameras have features which allow you to adjust the flash and add better balance to your photos.

Posts process your photo.

There is a number of image app. with automatic touch-up options and adjusts the brightness, sharpness, and contrasts automatically. You can use Windows Photo Gallery by clicking the fixed icon when you open the image.

The first option will be to auto adjust that fixes the photo with a noticeable difference.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to buy expensive gadgets in order to capture the perfect photo.

Practice on basic photography techniques with the gadget that you have and when you mastered the techniques, then you can decide if you really have to upgrade your camera.