5 Photography Tips to Improve Your Photos

5 Photography Tips to Improve Your Photos

by: Angeli Robles, | Fotograpiya.com


Tip 1: Turn off the automatic flash!
Camera manufacturer are always too eager to let the flash pop-out, even if it’s only slightly dark. Though the photo is not as good, flash from camera freeze your movements and capture it on place. If you don’t want sacrifice the quality of your picture each and every time of your shoot then it’s easy, instead of the waiting for your flash to pop-out every now and then, just turn it off—and increase the ISO on your settings. Increasing the ISO will cause to also increase your camera’s shutter speed and have a better chance to capture people’s movements in freeze. With this setting you can now capture more color instead of only a bright face of and pitch—black background.


Tip 2: Get in close to tour subject…
Most people think that they always have to take a step backward to give their subject the right and get the whole scene. Your subject is not a fish inside an aquarium, sometimes it’s okay to cut a little bit of space or even cut a little bit from your subjects face. Try getting a close-up shot that will focus the beauty of your model.


Tip 3: Shot from interesting perspectives
Shot from eye-level while the photographer is standing may sound a little bit common these days. Try to take a picture with different angles.


Tip 4: Look for Symmetry
Your friends will be mesmerized when you capture an exquisite view that actually reflects itself upside-down.

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Tip 5: Use the rule of Thirds
Photos with their subject at the middle are getting a bit boring. Try practicing this rule of thirds by just simply turning the grid option on your camera. This tip will help your photos to look a little bit more professional than before.