5 Lines Every Millennial Photographer is Tired of Hearing

millennial photographer

Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya.com

If you’re a pro photographer who’s probably been into the business for around 10 years already, people may see you as someone who’s respectable and and has made a name in the industry already. But if you’re a millennial, a lot of things may go through someone’s mind upon knowing that you’re one. And they are:

  1. “Aren’t you too young?”

Could we take it as a compliment because at a young age, we know how to shoot for events? Or maybe, is it an insult because they think that we could not do it well? If you’re a beginner and you’ve just finished college, expect to hear this line often. But then, instead of getting mad about it, shrug it off and prove them wrong.

  1. “That’s a quite expensive rate…”

First off, you yourself should know if the rate you’ve set for your services would be worth it. If your clients bite into it, then it must probably be worth the bucks. If possible clients try to complain, show them your works and then explain its worth.

  1. “How about a discount? We’re friends, anyway!”

This is one problem that you might have difficulty in dealing with. As a millennial, you may have a lot of friends around who knows that you’re a photographer. And they might be thinking about taking the opportunity to get discounts because you’re friends. If it’s a simple work, then you may charge less but if it’s a tedious job, explain to them the work that you would do for them to understand.

  1. “I like that shot! What’s your camera model?”

This probably is one of the worst insults that a photographer could ever hear. Of course, a nice camera could do an equally nice shot but if without a photographer’s efforts, knowledge, and application of his learning, it wouldn’t be a nice photo after all.

  1. “I think you’re just a frustrated photographer because you own a DSLR.”

Whenever you see a millennial with a DLSR hanging on his neck, it’s just about these things: he’s rich enough to afford one, he’s trying to look like a photographer, or he must really be a photographer. No matter what the reason is, there’s really nothing wrong with carrying a camera around.