5 Fatal Mistakes Wedding Photographer Do with their Websites

By Ana Margarita Olar | Fotograpiya.com

Having a website to advertise your wedding photography business gives you an edge because you can reach thousands of audience and potential clients. And, in managing your website, take a look at these common mistakes:

Too many wedding photos on their website. In order to impress the audience and future clients, wedding photographers tend to overdo it by posting too many samples. Yes, there is a need to constantly update the samples every now and then but it doesn’t necessarily mean that every photo from every wedding event should be posted in the website.  Be a critique of your own shots and choose only the finest images and don’t include the “just okay” photos. Remember the rule: Quality over quantity.

No contact and location information to your website. The couples-to-be would want to meet you in order to ask questions, what they would like for their wedding day, if they would want to schedule a prenup and most importantly if you can come up with a budget friendly wedding coverage. It is essential that you also include if you have several photo studios so that they can choose the location that’s most convenient for them.   man-person-taking-photo-photographer

Neglecting the “About me” page on your website. When hiring a wedding photographer the couples to be, of course, would want to know your specialty, your style, and see if it complements with their preference. So you have to spend some time writing a paragraph or two regarding your specialty and qualifications on why they should choose you to document their special day. You don’t need to write a novel, just a short description of what you can offer your potential clients.

Not including pricing information on your website. In my own experience, words such as prices are negotiable, or even PM me for the price is a bit turn-off. It sounds like you are trying to scam a person. Be fair and straight to the point. You can offer different wedding package at various price range depending on the preference and budget of your clients. Or another great idea is to come up with a basic wedding package price and then include the prices of add-ons. You can also try showing samples of wedding portfolios you have already done and include how much does it cost. Most clients would prefer an honest, straightforward pricing rather than a photographer who hesitates to name the price.