No matter what business you are into, you need to make sure that your business has a logo design, in fact, a professional logo design to empower your brand with an identity. The history witnesses that you have been solely relying on your desktop computers for your graphic designs, but now thanks to the open source origin and flexibility of Android for providing a comprehensive operating system with multiple brilliant applications for designers and developers.

The work of designers has become less using these apps that help them in getting their designs done on their fingertips. Here, in this article, I would be telling you the 5 of the best Android logo design apps to improve your productivity and make you flexible in the work you do.

  • Logo Factory:

One of the best app to create professional logos in just a few minutes. The user-friendly interface of the Logo Factory App makes it simple for the beginners to create a logo design. It has a gallery with various images to select, and you can also customize the picture of your choice by uploading one from your device, edit it, write your business name, chose your font type and add tagline if required. It is hardly a 3 steps process, and there you get a logo saved in your device.

  • Logo Maker Plus:

Logo Maker Plus updated recently on October 24, 2018, creates more like original logos and designs by using numerous free graphics features and editing options. It is not just featured with a logo design, in fact, it provides icons, edits colors of icons, customizes your design and much more. The customizing feature of the app transforms a plain logo design to professional logo design. Additionally, you get much more with this app; you can make your social media banners for all the social media channels that are Facebook Twitter, Pinterest and much more.

  • Logo Generator & Logo Maker:

Logo Generator is a helping hand in designing your logo in a couple of minutes from a bundle of creative, custom and professional designs.

It is a professional logo design studio that creates a powerful brand identity in just a few moments. The inbuilt tools and graphics, +100 fonts and thousands of templates let you create professional designs for your brand at a glance. Good to start with as a beginner.

  • Flat Logo Maker:

Another logo maker at your fingertips right in your device, which has authentic labels, badges, unlimited colors & font that you can use in your logo design.

  • Logo Maker:

Logo Maker is the coolest logo creator app to create a logo for your business in just a few clicks. Wherever you are, you can create tags, signs and even branding with the logo maker app. It has all the tools required to create your perfect signs or labels which are 1000+ logos, 3D rotation, textures & overlays, colors, filters and 100+ backgrounds.

Your turn,

You have just read about the 5 of the best logo design apps for Android devices, get any of them installed and start your work ahead. A logo design is not just an image, but an identity of your brand and that has to be unique. The apps might make you lose your unique identity, so if you use them, make sure to make your design unique and customized so it does not look like copied. The ball is in your court.