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According to the Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015 by the World Health Organization (WHO), there has been 10,379 estimated road traffic deaths in the Philippines. Even without statistics, we all know that it isn’t really safe to travel on the roads of our country. In Manila, it is where raging drivers on private cars and impatient drivers on public utility vehicles (PUVs) meet.

Let’s thank technology because dash cams were invented. Though it may not solve the growing number of road accidents, it would be of great help in solving cases when witnesses and CCTV cameras can’t.

That could be the primary reason why you’d be installing a dash cam as soon as possible. If you’re on the road and a motorcycle suddenly overtakes and hits your hood, then your dash cam does it work. If the driver argues that you we’re the one who hit him, then let the coverage from the dash cam speak for you.

Also, if you happen to witness a road accident involving a car who goes after the red light and hits a woman crossing the pedestrian lane, you could help her by showing your footage.

It would be good of you to help out the government, too. From your dash cam, you could also capture corrupt traffic officials extorting money from an innocent motorists. There are also drivers who bribe TMGs so that their licenses wouldn’t be confiscated. All those, your dash cam could capture.

In the Philippines, car owners and motorists buy units such as Vico TF2+ and Transcend DrivePro 200. Some also buy action cameras (especially motor-drivers) such as SJ4000, GoPro, and generic/local action cams. Dash cams could usually be connected to smartphones for ease of tracking. There are also brands which have GPS and sensors, which is useful for parking.

Vico TF2+


Transcend DrivePro 200

Photos credits: Transcend, SJCam, and Vicovation

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