3 Powerful Things Every Photographer Must Know About Facebook

photographer must know about facebook

Ana  Margarita Olar | Fotograpiya.com

In the past, only the professional photographer can create a beautiful shot. But now, everyone feels that they are a pro. Latest mobile phone models provide them with this ability.

You can easily download editing tools online. Then there is also certain equipment attached to smartphones and voila, you are ready to shoot. And then another thing goes with this.

Because of the advent of technology, you can now upload your shots to social media platform like Facebook. And as a photographer, you can use this to your advantage. Here’s how:



A photographer should create his or her own page strictly for business. You need to separate what your potential client sees from what you are showing with your personal friends.

Also, a business page has some cool features that a personal account doesn’t have. When you use your personal account for business, Facebook may decide to close your account on the basis of breach of terms.

Using a business page will help you as a photographer and as a marketer as well.

One, it can help you track which content attracts more traffic and interaction. Two, insights will help you find out what kind of persons are attracted or interested in your page.


As a newbie photographer, you may have a high enthusiasm. You may think that if you offer several services, you can earn more. But, in the long run, this may not be true.

You’ll end up doing all kinds of photo shoots. In theory, you can photograph anything. But in reality, you have to define and own your niche. In this way, you have a clear focus on every aspect of your business. Your potential customer will know who they are looking for. You know who your target market will be.

You will need less marketing efforts if you focus on one subject. Focusing will help you to increase your skills and dominate your market.


Facebook posts have this thing called organic reach and paid reach. Organic reach is the number of people that your posts reached naturally. It’s either your friends see the post. Or your post has been shared, and your friends of friends saw it. And that’s it.

As a photographer and marketer, it is important to know that you can boost your post. How? It is through paid reach. You can use this to reach the audience from anywhere in the world. Facebook offers this whole advertising platform to help you reach the right audience.

There are other things you need to learn to use Facebook to your advantage. As a photographer and marketer, you also need to be aware of these social media mistakes. So continue shooting, never stop experimenting, and use the technology available to your advantage.