20 Helpful Items for Landscape Photography

by Tiffany M |

There are a lot of landscape photography tutorials floating around the internet that, other than stating the obvious, don’t offer much in the way of useful tips. That’s partially what makes Kai’s tutorials so wonderful, he dishes out real world advice that most people forget about because they are too busy blogging about not forgetting to pack your camera. Then there’s Kai’s smashing sense of humor that makes us recall why we’re doing this in the first place. Remember? It’s because it’s fun, and that alone is reason enough to give the following video a few minutes of your time.  So sit back and enjoy Kai’s funny and insightful landscape photography lesson right here:

“Ultra wide, or just a wide lens, for landscapes make it much more vast and it pushes the foreground, makes it a bit wider and expands it. [But] landscapes don’t necessarily have to be done with wide angle lenses.”

Aside from a lesson on why you should use filters and proper exposure in camera instead of relying on HDR, perhaps Kai’s other single most help hint was: whatever you do, don’t forget the mosquito repellent.

For Further Training on Landscape Photography:

Check out Landscape Photography Guide by Kajo Merkert, a popular comprehensive eBook guide designed to take your landscape photography to the next level. It contains very detailed explanations on the techniques professionals use to capture stunning landscape photos with vibrant colors, silky water and incredible compositions.