10 Tips in Using Your Smartphone for Outdoor Photography

smartphone photography

Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya.com

Photography has gone so far since smartphones were invented. Not only that DLSR users get a little pressured with what a smartphone could do, but because smartphone users could also do tricks with what they use for cameras. Here are tips to make the most out of your smartphone:

1. Explore your camera’s settings. Get to know more about your camera by trying the different features found in it. Play around the variations so you’ll know what to do on spontaneous shoots.

2. Have a shortcut button to your camera. You’ll never know when you’ll pass by a nice view or when a unique cloud formation shows up.

3. Make use of the focus feature because sometimes, your lens go unfocused and you end up having a blurred shot. Tap the area your phone screen where you would like the camera to be focused at.

4. Use a grid to make lines appear straight, to be able to align elements, or for  you to have a guide for the rule of thirds. It’ll be easier than cropping and editing the shot after.

smartphone-outdoor-photography5. Never zoom in to your subject because it’ll give a lower resolution. If you could, go near your subject so you won’t have to zoom in, or you could crop the photo after.

6. Use a tripod when shooting landscapes, especially if you’re doing a timelapse or hyperlapse.

7. Use reliable photo editing apps for post-processing such as Snapseed, VSCO or Picsart.

8. Take lots of shots, or use the burst mode especially when capturing motion. You’ll get more chances of getting sharp images when you use the burst mode.

9. You could use your sunglasses (depending on the lens’ colors) as polarizer lens to saturate colors and remove glares from a scene.

10. Using flash is not advisable especially at night because it would surely appear that it’s artificially lit. Instead, try to find a good source of lighting or increase your ISO (most smartphones have manual settings today) to a higher level.

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