10 Cheap and Easy Gifts For Dad’s Birthday


Fotograpiya.com | 10 Cheap and Easy Gifts For Dad’s Birthday | So Dad’s birthday is coming up but you don’t know what to get him. We’ve all been there. You could go with the classics, a new tie, a brush for the grill, or maybe just some coffee, but you’ve done all that before. You want to try something new. 

Well, follow along while we go through ten cheap and easy gifts for Dad’s birthday and maybe you’ll find something perfect for your old man this year. 

Personalized Wallet

If you were thinking of getting your Dad a framed picture for his birthday you might try doing something a little different this year. Instead, get him a personalized wallet

Personalized wallets have all the emotional connection of framed photos with the utility of a quality wallet. The reality is most dads don’t bring around pictures of their family in their wallet, but if those pictures are on the wallet, they’ll always have the family with them. Personalized wallets are also affordable at just $33.99 on Etsy.

Multi-Tool, Pocket Knife

This one’s for all those outdoor loving fathers out there. Multi-tools are a quick, easy, and cheap gift that your Dad will be sure to love. 

These days multi-tools have come a long way from the old 3-in-1 multi-tools of back in the day. 12-in-1 multi-tools are the new standard. They have everything from a flint tool for starting fires, to scissors, to a bottle opener, and so much more. And at under $20 you can get your dad a gift he will actually use without breaking the bank.


Photobooks are cheap and easy ways to show your Dad you care. Picking a couple of photos of the best moments you and your Dad have shared together and putting them together in a photobook is an easy and cheap way to make a memorable gift.

I recommend one of these cool flush mount photo books that allow you to put a picture on the cover as well. They’re an amazing value at only $35 and have a unique look.

College Hats/Baseball Caps

This is the perfect gift for all you college students out there. Dad’s love supporting their children’s college and we all know they love baseball caps. One of the easiest and best gifts for Dad this year might be just a short walk down to the campus store from your dorm room.

Get him a hat, its quick, easy and it will get a lot of good use. Average prices for college baseball caps range from $25 to $50, so you won’t have to spend too much either. 

A Durable Phone Case

Is your Dad a bit of clutz? If so then maybe this is the perfect year to get him a durable, quality phone case. Too many dads go without phone cases only to have their phone flop out in a restaurant or at the pool and break in front of everyone. Get your dad a gift that can save him money by protecting his phone. 

Not every phone case is made equal however, SaharaCase offers the best phone cases on the market for every model of phone you could imagine. And they’re only $30, too. 

HomeBrewing Kit

If your dad loves Beer then this may be the perfect gift for you. Homebrewing kits are cheap and easy gifts that can be a lot of fun. Target even has one on sale for just $35 that will brew over 2 gallons of beer. That’s a great deal.

Rocketbook Notepad

If your dad is the type to keep paper notes, then maybe it’s time to give him an upgrade with the Rocketbook Notepad. The Rocketbook notepad is a smart notebook that allows you to connect your handwritten notes to your google drive with a QR code. 

Rocketbooks are the perfect tool for hardworking dads who need a little help with planning and organization. They also are relatively cheap at just $30, plus $20 for the required g2 pens.

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Does your Dad have a taste for the hot stuff? Then this might be the perfect gift for you. 

Hot sauce kits are a great gift to help the whole family come together. Making a hot sauce together and trying it out on your favorite foods is fun and delicious. And it’s sure to get your whole family laughing when you go a little crazy with the chili on one of your sauces and burn everyone’s mouths. 

So buy something a little more fun this year, try a make your own hot sauce kit. They are cheap at only $35 and will make the perfect gift for the spice lover in your life.

A Chilsner

A Chilsner is a new device used to cool down your beer in the summer. The device is simple, cheap and it will be perfect for any beer-loving Dad. 

Simply put the Chilsner in the freezer for 90 minutes then slip it into your beer and it will stay cool while you drink it. This is a gift that will get a lot of use from the right dads. They’re cheap too at just under $20. 

A Perpetual Calendar

Is your Dad a science geek? If so this gift might be the perfect one for him. Originally created for the Museum of Modern Art by renowned artist Gideon Dagan perpetual calendars never have to be replaced and use magnets to change the date. 

The invention is clever, useable and perfect for any Dad who loves watches. It can be expensive to buy a watch, but for just $35 you can get a really unique perpetual calendar that will serve as a conversation piece in your dad’s office and has the same flavor as those watches he loves. 

Hopefully, this quick list of ten cheap and easy gift ideas for your dad will help you break away from the classic dad gifts to get something unique this year—without breaking the bank.